International Performing Artist, Self-Taught Touring Musician & Award-Winning Songwriter

Joal Kamps is a multidisciplinary career artist practicing primarily in Music & Sound. He also works in Film & Television and the Visual Arts.

Joal is currently as Alberta's Artist in Residence & Arts Ambassador for 2020-2021. He is creating a new work entitled 'Wild Rose' as part of his residency.

Kamps currently performs as a self-taught instrumental guitarist and as a co-member of Albertan folk/roots duo Flint & Feather.

Over the years Kamps has been honoured to attend the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity as a Musician in Residence (Banff, AB), Hornby Festival's School for Emerging Artists (Hornby Island, BC), and Canada's Music Incubator's Artist Entrepreneur Program (Toronto, ON). He is a strong advocate for the Arts across Canada and abroad, well known for emphasizing the understanding that Art Is Work.



As Alberta's Artist in Residence & Arts Ambassador, Joal and his wife Lauren were invited to showcase their latest artist work in the world-class Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary, Alberta. This short film is meant to promote the Kamps' original music, highlight the value of the Arts, and demonstrate that art is work.

This Video Was Made Possible By The Government of Alberta


Songs in Order of Performance: 

  1. ‘The Very Thing I Fear’ 
  2. ‘Apparition’ 
  3. ‘We Belong Together’ 
  4. ‘Old Soul’ 
  5. ‘Me, Myself, and Pete’ 
  6. ‘Footsies’ (Years From Now)

Video Credits:

  • All Songs Written By: Joal Kamps (SOCAN)
  • All Songs Performed By: Flint & Feather
  • Video: Ken Stead Productions
  • Audio: Refinery Record Room
  • Location: Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium


Joal currently performs as a self-taught instrumental guitarist and as a co-member of Albertan folk/roots duo Flint & Feather. Their debut album 'Rebirth' is set to be released online throughout this year as a series of digital singles, and a physical album release is planned for the fall. For more information, please visit flintandfeather.com

Prior to this Joal was a solo artist, performing and releasing several albums and EPs as JOAL KAMPS. He enjoyed touring and showcasing across Canada and in the Northwest United States, as well as performing music festivals, series, house concerts, and other community events in Western Europe. See his past official releases below: